Games consist of two 25-minute halves

No Sliding  (If your knee touches the ground at anytime it is considered a slide)

No Offsides

No verbal or physical harassment will be tolerated

CO-ED: Min. 3 girls on the field at a time (not including goalie), if a team does not have 3 girls available they will have to play short.




Substitutions may be made "on the fly" or during stoppages



All free kicks are indirect (with exception of penalty kicks)

During free kicks and corner kicks,  players must be 6 yards away from the ball

Penalty kicks are to be taken 10 yards from the goal line



All players must be registered to play. If you would like to add players to your roster during the season please contact us prior to the scheduled game.

To play in playoffs, players must have played a minimum of 2 regular season games.

Players may only be registered to one team per league regardless of Division. Playing illegal players will result in forfeit.



If a player receives a yellow card caution, they will be removed from the game for 2 minutes and their team will play shorthanded for that duration. The referee will signal when the player is able to come back on the field.

If a player receives 2 yellow cards in the same game, it will be treated as a second caution. The player will be ejected and unable to return for the remainder of the game. Their team will need to play a man down for an additional 2-minutes and will be allowed back to even strength (7v7) after that time.

If a player receives a straight red card they will be ejected from the game immediately, their team will play a man down for the duration of the game and the player will face suspension from the league.

An accumulation of 3 yellow cards in one season will result in a one game suspension.

A straight red card will result in a minimum 1 game suspension. Exact suspension will be reviewed and determined by league officials.



If tied after regulation, the game will go into a 10-minute Golden Goal Overtime (First team to score wins)

If tied after 10 minute Golden Goal Overtime, we will go into a 5 person shootout (Co-Ed shootouts will offset male/female)

All active players must have played in a minimum of 2 regular season games as listed on our website. If any team plays illegal players they will forfeit their match and be eliminated from playoffs

All accumulation of yellow cards will be cleared heading into the playoffs

Standings Tie-Break: (1) Goal Differential (2) Head to Head record (3) Goals For