Daniel Golden

Daniel Golden
Current Team



2023 Co-Ed winter indoor div. a league champions
2024 Co-Ed winter indoor div. b league champions

7v7 Mens Outdoor

SeasonClubAppearancesGoalsWin %Player of the Match
2019 Mens Outdoor LeagueSPARE PARTS10030.000
2019 Mens Outdoor PlayoffsSPARE PARTS100.000
2020 Mens Outdoor LeagueSPARE PARTS6066.670
2021 Mens Outdoor LeagueSPARE PARTS9066.670
2021 Mens Outdoor PlayoffsSPARE PARTS2050.000
2022 Mens Outdoor League – Division BSPARE PARTS10250.000
2022 Mens Outdoor Playoffs - Division BSPARE PARTS200.000
2023 Mens Outdoor League – Division ASPARE PARTS10050.000
2023 Mens Outdoor Playoffs - Division ASPARE PARTS10100.000
2024 Mens Outdoor LeagueSPARE PARTS30100.000

Mens Indoor

SeasonClubAppearancesGoalsWin %Player of the Match
2019 Fall Indoor - MensSPARE PARTS8225.000
2019 Fall Indoor Playoffs - MensSPARE PARTS100.000
2020 Winter Indoor - MensSPARE PARTS700.000
2021 Fall Indoor - MensSPARE PARTS7042.860
2022 Winter Indoor - MensSPARE PARTS11045.450
2022 Fall Indoor – MensSPARE PARTS5020.000
2023 Mens Winter League – Division BSPARE PARTS10180.000
2023 Mens Fall League – Division BSPARE PARTS10050.000
2024 Mens Winter League - Division BSPARE PARTS8137.500

Co-Ed Outdoor

SeasonClubAppearancesGoalsWin %Player of the Match
2022 Co-Ed Outdoor LeagueTHE YELLOWS13161.540
2022 Co-Ed Outdoor PlayoffsTHE YELLOWS100.000
2023 Co-Ed Outdoor LeagueTHE YELLOWS10370.000
2023 Co-Ed Outdoor Playoffs - Division ATHE YELLOWS2050.000
2024 Co-Ed Outdoor LeagueTHE YELLOWS4075.000

Co-Ed Indoor

SeasonClubAppearancesGoalsWin %Player of the Match
2021 Co-Ed Fall IndoorQUICK SLOTHS7228.570
2022 Co-Ed Winter IndoorQUICK SLOTHS8462.500
2022 Co-ed Fall IndoorTHE YELLOWS10050.000
2023 Co-Ed Winter League - Division ATHE YELLOWS11054.550
2023 Co-Ed Fall LeagueTHE YELLOWS8025.000
2024 Co-Ed Winter LeagueTHE YELLOWS7157.140